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Linton: Carmina Catulli • CD + digital download
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". . . Crossley-Mercer gives a performance that is delightfully theatrical. He can seemingly produce every vocal color, from dark, chesty bottom notes to a creamy and vaporous falsetto. He sings lyrical numbers such as the aforementioned "Nulli se decit mulier" with sweet sensitivity, and he tosses off Catullus' insults ("Pedicabo ego uos er irrumabo") with lots of vocal vitriol. His rendition of "Multas per gentes," Catullus' heartfelt elegy to his brother, is heartrending. Peterson, for his part, proves to be in complete command of the keyboard, playing from beginning to end with nuance, sensitivity and effortless virtuosity."  John Pitcher, Nashville Scene (8/28/14)

"... a contemporary masterpiece and this recording deserves the attention of every serious music lover" - Grady Harp, amazon

Physical CD + Digital Copy of all 17 tracks

The furious, erotic, and controversial Roman poetry of Gaius Valerius Catullus has been set in a brilliant new song cycle by award-winning composer Michael Linton.

The 17 movement "Carmina Catulli" spans the gamut of human emotion. From the lust driven ‘Vivamus mea Lesbia’ to the tragic "Multas per gentes", the infamous ‘Pedicabo’, and the heart-rending "Odi et amo", these poems are brought to life by the electrifying performance of world-renowned French baritone Edwin Crossley-Mercer and American pianist Jason Paul Peterson.

Although sung in Latin, several of the Catullus texts approach issues of sexuality with a pagan Roman frankness which some of the public might find objectionable.  This song cycle is intended for mature audiences.

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